Selected Songs & Poetry (Revised)

Amore Consumato

Her eyes, they speak with softness
Full of charms and kindness
I don’t worry for she’s true
As her spirit burns with a fire
The keys to the future
They are dangling in her hands
As she roams over the streets
And the lands

Her smile is so sweet and kind
As her love transcends space and time
She’s just like and angel in the night
With wings of gold flying so high
Hours dissolve into minutes
Days pass by like the wind
My love, she’s one without limits
With no conclusion or no end

Her lovely ways they never tire
She’s adorable as she glows like a flower
And even in the final act of the game
There’s always one more hand to play
The soft touch of her warm fingers
Is like a perfume that always lingers
Her love is like a beautiful poem
Being read on a sunny day by the Somme

Upon the midnight hour
I hear her song in the tower
She’s just like the nightfall
Full of darkness and mystery
Her hair is like a silken river
Flowing down her narrow back
She says a song is like a poem
And a poem isn’t like a song at all

The times they tick idly away
As she flirts with her ambitious ways
Her eyes are like a dark tinted window
Showing me all she holds deep inside
Mountains made of letters
Hide our goals around the bend
My love is just like some thistle
Upon a hill waving happily in the wind

Wise men bear gifts and things
Empty promises and diamond rings
But my love is unfazed by them
‘Cause even the poet can write a song
The rhythm of the guitar and drums
Resound when it gets cool and rainy
I hear her footsteps as she comes
Full of purpose and proficiency

Houses made of cards collapse into the sand
Just as shooting stars fall into her hand
The fire in her soul burns ever so bright
Despite her forgiveness, even she can hold a grudge
The Lord of host parts his ways
As the people are distracted by the sea
You know you don’t need to ask why
‘Cause she has her values that never budge

The darkness hits like a hammer
Father Time’s voice begins to stammer
She gives hope even to the hopeless at heart
For even the loneliest of people needs a friend
Her precise ways are like a fine art
She turns my gaze more than twice
My love she’s as lovely as the butterfly
Even when her colourful wings are not apart

As the wind howls like a lion
My love comes in on a white stallion
She’s always so faithful
Just like the sky so high above
Her eyes they enchant my soul
They can see through everything
She’s so lovely like a snowy dove
At my doorstep with a song to sing

(Written 2008; Revised 2009)

– —– – —– – —– – —– – —– –

Writersville, U.S.A.

They shed sweat and blood, toil through mud
Throughout the countryside
They write with pens, they live by pens
With each word they take a stride
No hope was left, no publisher would bite
As if there were a Writersville, U.S.A.
The manuscripts were all destroyed in Writersville, U.S.A.
It’s said that talent will skip a generation
So I wonder about the next day
But it’s a cutthroat world
For all the boys and girls
To work in their desired trade
In the life of poetry and novelisation

Tending to those greedy folks, those sleazy blokes
Will only take your soul away
So heed to your own, you’re not alone
Your dreams are what matters anyway
So do as you should
When you’re in Writersville, U.S.A.
Rejection letters, it could be better in Writersville U.S.A.
But it’s perfectly fine, anytime
No right or wrong in Writersville, U.S.A.
It’s perfectly fine, anytime
In Writersville, U.S.A.

(Written 2008)

– —– – —– – —– – —– – —– –

Keys To The Future

I’m sitting on a stool being a fool tempting Fate to a duel
Poison in my blood I’m a dud stud bud in the crud mud
All I do is stand make a bland plan try to be a brave man
I’m a mover shaker doer but I don’t have the keys to the future

I speak of streaks from toxic leaks from the valleys to the peaks
Smog in the fog over the bog smelling like a groggy hog
The cold air chilling no arctic oil drilling oil spilling, God willing
Makes me shutter makes me stutter for I have no keys to the future

Bare pine trees mercury in the seas polluted breeze makes me wheeze
No more green leaves to be seen they just lean like there’s never been
I’m stuck like glue in the blue nothing’s true I want something new
Like a severed lever gone forever are the keys to the future

Acid rain is a bane leaves a stain the world is so insane
I need out of the past really fast I need a future that will last
I’m ready to leave this abode leave that toad on the road
I’m a stranger in danger with no keys to the future

Things only fade away every day that’s all I say
If I must it’s just like dust rust like a great trust bust
Life comes and goes like a river flows or as the wind blows
But I won’t waver I’m a saver looking for keys to the future

Get a grip life’s a trip when you skip at the crack of a whip
Strange life full of strife but why go and gripe to the wife
I don’t need rest ‘cause I’m heading West where it’s best
The air is warmer I feel bolder I need the keys to the future

Out there she’s my love like a dove from God above suits me like a glove
At her I stare my only care maiden fair with dark eyes and raven hair
With dreamy hips rosy red lips love like honey drips that is no quip
Life’s a blur ‘cause I love her for she’s got the keys to my future

(Written 2006; Revised 2007, 2008, 2009)

– —– – —– – —– – —– – —– –

© Joe Glasgow

All songs and poems were written solely by Joe Glasgow.

All rights are reserved by the author. No poem or song may be reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission of the author except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.


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